Solar Power


Generate your solar electricity from the abundance of nature (Sun)

Wind Energy


Generate your wind electricity from the abundance of nature (Wind)

Renewable Energy system Equipments


solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries, Charge Controllers, Inverters, MC4 Connectors, Solar Products etc


The Best Offer For Your Alternative Power Systems


Be in control of your energy generation and usage

Hybrid Inverter

SPE (3)

This has been the industry’s standard, can work without batteries

Sources of Power generation


What a great advantage it is having multiple source of energy (power generation)

Dedicated Power Service ‘Energy As A Service’

bp-solar-gas-station-thumb-425x443 solar_celltower_NSN

A service that allows you to use power without paying for the equipment

The full spectrum of our services

Storage Systems (Battery)


IMG_0107 1377801990_540915972_1-Pictures-of--Deep-circle-battery-Solar-products-Inverters-etc forklift-battery-bank


Types of Storage systems