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Who We Are?

Prewoh Nig. Ltd. is a global leader with personnel of more than 10years experience in power generation and circuit protection. We offer a dedicated range of power and circuit protection solutions for solar, wind, hydro power generation and distribution systems.

Drawing on a century of experience – and an ongoing commitment to critical research in renewable power generation and electrical safety in both traditional and emerging markets – we provide solar/wind power designers, engineering specifies, solar/wind power installers and solar/wind power equipment manufacturers with innovative circuit protection products and unbeatable technical support.


Our mission is to increase the participation of local expertise in services/consulting for renewable energy and various industries, providing high quality and professional services through the latest advances in technology and science.


To be the leader in Renewable Power generation, distribution and Engineering, consultancy in Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa and indeed globally.

Our Services/Products


Hybrid Power Inverters

Deep Cycle Batteries

Solar/Wind Power Installation & Services

Why Choose PNL?

PNL is the provider of experience and knowledge to the energy/power industry in the form of;

  • Power Management (Solar, Wind and other forms of renewable Energy)
  • Engineering services
  • Environmental Management
  • Training Services(Solar, Wind and other forms of renewable Energy)

Offshore power

Solar Power Solutions & Solar Power Rentals/Lease

“Energy As A Service”

Wind Power

Backup Power Systems, Training & Energy Services